Sunday, March 1, 2009

How Many Ways is Obama a Marxist? Let me count the ways...

Well, it seems that with another day gone by in this disaster of an administration, Obama's Socialist agenda is creeping through. Unfortunately, the Obama drones still refuse to wake up to his and the Democrat's stealth power grab (or not so stealthy if one is paying attention).

So, let's look at what the left is trying to pass under the guise of "helping"...

1) Shifting the national census away from the Census Bureau which, by law, is supposed to be under the jurisdiction of the Department of Commerce into the hands of the White House Chief of Staff (Rahm Emanual). As usual, he did this by executive decision, circumventing the legislative process as a good tyrant generally does.

The census is extremely important and is actually the backbone of a free society. It exists to properly proportion representation in the Federal government by determining population shifts by state. There can be only one reason Obama has decided to arbitrarily place it under the ownership of change the proportioning of representation to favor the Democrats in an effort to assure perennial power.

None of it will be transparent and population numbers can easily be fudged. Look, the Democrats know that the Blue States are losing population to the Red States. So, they are quite simply going to play fast and loose with the numbers. It's quite the move, straight out of the Marxist playbook.

Score 1 for the Marxist takeover of America and 0 for freedom...

2) Hiding something called the "Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research" in the "stimulus" (taxpayer rape bill). Well, what is the "Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research" you ask? Well, as usual with the left they show 1 side of something to the public as being good while concealing the real pernicious plan from view. Basically, they want to put medical records online to try to reduce costs for the medical system. Now, that in itself is not a bad idea since it will help doctors when they try to administer treatment and it will reduce redundancy.

However, since the left's agenda is to control every aspect of American's lives, including healthcare, they, of course, do not stop there. That is the public reasoning for this "council". However, if you read further, you will see the real pernicious intent -- to ration medical care (as they do in Canada and England to name just 2).

This "council" will act to force doctors to make choices regarding care based on what the bureaucrats think is cost effective or not. They will also get to play G-D by deciding based on age who will get to receive experimental treatments and who will simply not qualify. This, of course, will impact the elderly and the infirmed more than anyone else. See, to the left, they want to "drive down costs" by limiting the use and development of what they deem experimental treatments. Here is a good article from Bloomberg news explaining this in further detail...

Well, with this, it's score 2 for the Marxist takeover of America...score 0 for freedom.

3) The expansion of the S-CHIP program. S-CHIP is the State Health Insurance Program created in 1997 by Bill Clinton. It mandates covering the supposed "uninsured". The foundation is obviously false. It is again another 2 faced plan. The side shown to the public seems noble -- but the real reason is far from it.

Basically, the expansion of S-CHIP forces coverage to children who already have private insurance. It expands it to cover families who make up to and over 100K per year. Now, why would the left want to do this?

Well, the answer is quite is to incrementally gain control over the healthcare industry to move the U.S. stealthily toward a single-payer socialist system. Now, if a family who is already paying for private insurance is now covered under S-CHIP, why pay for private insurance at all? Many will ditch their private insurance plans for "free" care (of course there is a difference between price and cost -- and the costs of this are enormous). The less well off in the program will pay increased taxes to cover the more well off, thereby nullifying any ambition they would have to move up the economic ladder.

See, in a socialist economy you have 2 classes -- the rich and the poor. There is no middle class. This is the goal of the left here in America. The goal is those that work and pay the taxes and those that feed off the government trough in a cycle of endless dependency ensuring perennial power of the elites. There is another provision in the program that is even more pernicious. See, in a real marketplace, if someone is more of a risk, their premium will go up. It's simple economics.

However, the provision in the S-CHIP expansion is that there will be no bias towards pre-existing conditions. This means that if 1 person is in the program and goes to the Dr. once every 3 years and another person is in the program and goes to the Dr. every other day and has an existing condition, they will both pay the same amount for coverage. This infusion of government into the private healthcare industry will crowd out the private insurance system and will therefore lead to less control over your own healthcare and more government control over your treatments and ultimately your livelyhood.

Score 3 for the Marxist takeover of America and 0 for freedom.

This is part 1 of this series. Part 2 will come soon...

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